45th Floor at Le Reve

Spanning the entire floor, The 45th offers the discerning resident the ideal home in this, the Middle East's most vibrant city.

Designed with a total commitment to excellence, no aspect of The 45th's 13,400 square feet has been overlooked. Here, passion is a watchword and compromise an alien concept. And so only the very best has been considered good enough.

If the interiors are breathtaking – and they are – then the sweeping views from the expansive Sky Terraces are equally impressive, the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf broken only by the elegant outline of the now world-famous Palm Jumeirah.

The 45th at Le Rêve is a special place. In the images that follow, we invite you to uncover some small measure of its allure.

And we look forward to welcoming you to The 45th soon. So that you might understand why we believe that is one of the world's very finest homes.